Saturday, February 18, 2012

Black and White Affair

Two nights ago, it happened.  Driving the kids home from Awana, I saw something run in front of my car.  With much dismay, I realized it was a skunk.  By the way, the real deal is nowhere near as charming as Pepe Le Pew. 

Swerve to the left and hit the median, swerve to the right and hit a parked car.  Aim down the middle, avoid smooshing Mr. Skunk with tires and hope he lays low and makes it somewhat unscathed. 

The latter was my strategy, and I hoped it might work.  Turns out skunks aren't very smart though--as he got halfway under my car, I heard a clunk and bump and I knew we were sunk. 

And we were, sunk into stench!!  PEW is right...  I tried rolling down the windows and received instant and heavy chastisement from my children.  That's when I had to admit to them the smell is actually coming from our car, not from an independent location outside. 

Koji urged me to drive straight to the car wash, and perhaps I should have.  Mama instincts urged me to get home and get kids to bed instead.  Meanwhile, Misaki (who can't yet pronounce initial "s") made the final and best declaration of the evening:

"Mama, God love 'kunks!"

Good thing, 'cause I don't!


Joyce said...

I’ve never hit a skunk, though the world does have a few fewer squirrels in it,thanks to me . . . hope the car wash takes care of the stench!

Jane Lucas said...

Black and white, indeed. Misaki is good at the last word. I hope I never forget her leaning in, "Mama, I have to talk to your ear."

tomlcain said...

Strange your timing and mine, I was needing to cross the DesPlaines river on Bridge Street in Joliet yesterday. Traffic stopped waiting for the bridge to come up, water traffic to pass, down and go - so I'm stuck in line for 5-10 minutes. Quickly after stopping I'm smelling "pepe2". Another driver has left the problem earlier yesterday right where I have to stop for a long time - ouch!
Tom Cain

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

ooo, I feel your pain!!!! that is the worst smell ever. Thanks to a certain SA grad who felt the need to put a dead skunk in a locker, I REALLY can't stand that smell!!!! hope it goes away soon. You could always try the Jerry Seinfeld method- try and sell the car to some poor unsuspecting soul.... ;) LOL