Saturday, March 03, 2012

Expect Good Soup in Three Months

Betcha didn't make miso with your friends yesterday, but I did. Kinda weird for me to be all nanny nanny boo boo about it when the thought of making it or even the thought of eating it or even wondering what it is or even knowing that it exists has never even occurred to you before. So let me desist with lording it over and just say, if you've ever played with playdough or in a sandbox and thought that was a pretty good time, well, I think you would like this. But you might also agree that the part where you have to wait out the THREE MONTH LONG FERMENTATION PROCESS is not that great. Are you good at waiting? I guess anyone can be, as long as they really want the thing they are waiting for and believe the waiting is necessary. Who knew that miso could be such a philosophical topic?!

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Amy Timberlake said...

And I thought 3 weeks in a crock barrel was long for making pickles! Tell me how this one goes -- totally curious.