Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daffodil Glade

Yesterday was Izumi's last {weekday} of spring break.  The previous four weekdays saw her and Misaki out in their swimsuits every day as we enjoyed a completely unprecedented warmest March on record.  It was fine, so fine with me! 
However, on the day I'm speaking of, things moved back from summer-like to spring-like with some showers.  My Oregon soul was not deterred from visiting the Daffodil Glade, as you see above.  In fact, the rain, the cheery blooms, the girls' umbrellas and rainjackets all made for a really sweet (OK, it was brief, but still sweet) stroll through the glade.  Let me mention here: I saw Izumi's weekly trips to the Forest Preserve with her preschool class paying off and even influencing Misaki.  Neither of them was bothered a bit by the rain or the mud, and they quite enjoyed examining the flowers and exclaiming how pretty they were.  Perhaps the moment would have been longer, but the girls' little friend wasn't as enthusiastic as they were...
Thanking CLC for another adventurous memory ('Cause it's not like the day was done there, we also went for some coffee at Grounds for Hope Cafe so the girls could play at the KidStreet space of Trinity Lutheran Church, which could charge admission, but doesn't.  Throw in a random trip to the doctor, a delicious abundance of pita crackers, muhammara, spinach artichoke dip, naps on the sofa for the girls, a providential gift of lightbulbs, and I have all I need to be sure I won't forget the Day of the Daffodils anytime soon).  And thanking God for making daffodils.  Seriously.  He didn't have to do it, but He's thoughtful like that. 
Happy Spring!