Sunday, April 22, 2007

Second Celebration

Koji's second birthday party was also a joint celebration, this time with Ashleigh (Real Birthday: April 14th) and Calli (RBday: April 20th, same as Koji but a year later). Our location was Lovelace Park in Evanston. You'll see below that we had some footraces in honor of Koji, a pin-the-accesory-on-Ariel game for Ashleigh, and some dance lessons to show Calli's grooviness, followed by some serious pinatas and cake galore (for pictures of Kristen's cake and Jenny's cupcakes, please click here and scroll down to May 10th. Though it felt a little overwhelming in the planning stage, the actual party was lots of fun and a great success. Thanks to those who came and celebrated with us!

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