Wednesday, April 04, 2007

First Hair Clip

That was weird, somewhere between Aogu being gone, then coming back from Tokyo with a horrific cold, then us sort of catching that cold but not wanting to admit it, and Koji having spring break and me frantic about how to keep him busy and wear him out enough to go to bed at the proper time, somewhere in there I totally dropped the ball on posting here for the last three weeks or so! Yikes!

But I did learn that swimming is the way to go as far as wearing the kids out.

And I also had time to observe and envy my fashionable friend's three-month-old Lily with a little clip in her hair (it's proper to give the fashion credit to my friend and not to Lily, right? it's not like she's dressing herself just yet). This was such an impactful sight, Aogu even noticed and requested that Izumi have a similar hairdo. Believe me, this makes it a huge deal! This is the guy who seemingly never notices appearances, good or bad. I mean, I guess he notices sometimes, but he rarely has an opinion that he feels like sharing.

Which is super long-winded intro to the picture above: 10 months and 20ish days old Izumi with her first hair clip!


Brad & Kath said...

Oh, so pretty! She's looking more and more like Koji! She's a beauty. That smile!

Laurie Ann said...

I think she's looking more and more like her mama! How darling. Now I know what to get I for her birthday. I'll be sure to bring along some new hair accessories.

Cheryl Lynn said...

super cute. and i agree with laurie.


nice spending time with you yesterday. never enough!

Mom said...

She's darling. And the clip is darling. It makes her look so fashionable!

Cant' want to see the clip for myself!

xo Grandma