Monday, April 09, 2007

Baby's First Easter

As a reward to myself for NOT buying Izumi a bib that says, "Baby's First Easter," I'm allowing that to be the title of this post. It was, after all. Accordingly, a couple days before, I went to the Burlington Coat Factory to get the kids some Easter outfits. The fact that I accidentally bought a spring coat for myself is not the point. The point is, the little Easter dresses were so cute, it took way too long to choose one. I probably could have chosen more easily if I wouldn't have had a bridesmaid dress philosophy about it. You know, "she has to be able to wear it again". Let me stop yakking and get to the photos.

After all the deliberating, I finally went with purple and polka dots, two of my favorite things (Izumi as a favorite thing being in a separate, higher category and a foregone conclusion). Ultimately, I was almost more enamored with Koji's tie. You'll never get what I mean, but it's a zip tie! The knot is pre-formed and adjustable with a zipper. I could go on but what I'm saying won't be any clearer. It was convenient and clever.

We were blessed to be invited to spend Easter afternoon with Grant and Cheryl Lynn and fam at Grant's parents house. Thanks, Tom and Andrea! It would have been fun just to be at their house, but Andrea was above and beyond. She planned fun games.

And the fanciest, most poetic, most rewarding Easter egg hunt I've ever witnessed. Izumi even got some new toys though she didn't find any eggs (she may have if only three boys weren't desperately racing for them; she's spunky but in this case she didn't have a chance)!

Dinner was delicious!

As were Cheryl Lynn's egg cakes.

My carrot cake was another story, which I should probably be telling on my long neglected so-called food blog. I'm almost embarrassed to post there because I've left it untouched for so long. Anyway, I was all excited that I ordered some vanilla beans online for the frosting. But then, in a moment of reckless foolishness, I went too far with my recent flaxseed meal obsession and I threw some into the cake. Fool, I repeat. Maybe it's just as well that it wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. The next day when I had half of it sitting around the kitchen, I normally would have been tempted, but in this case it was a cinch for me to toss the whole thing into the rubbish bin!!

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Brad & Kath said...

What dolls they are!!! Love the purple with polka dots!!!

And so sorry about the carrot cake. It looks beautiful and delicious. What effect did the flaxseed have?