Saturday, April 21, 2007

Koji is FOUR

A very happy day to our birthday boy, Koji! Our first celebration was a joint cozmic bowling party with Takeru and Naoki, two friends from school. Bumpers were in place, so things went pretty well. Come to think of it, we never had to call a bowling boy to rescue a stopped ball from mid-lane so Koji must be bigger and stronger than the last time we went bowling.

A couple of incidents from the party: sadly, one little friend fell and cut his chin open on the hole of his bowling ball. He was bleeding pretty profusely. Thankfully, Aogu was there with us and able to go off to the hospital to facilitate communication between his mom and the hospital staff. Maybe we should start praying now for no bleeding at next year's party so Aogu can stick around!

Also, I've been trying to teach Koji to do his own wiping up when he finishes with a poo session. Not wanting to deal with the aftermath lest he does a poor job, I've also instituted "checks," where he shows me his handiwork and I declare it good or not so. Alas, I've apparently failed to explain that "checks" should only be performed at home...while at the bowling alley, he decided he had to go. The men's room was right there and the ladies' was far away, plus, his slightly older friend had to go too. So I sent him into the restroom with his friend and then stood next to the door, feeling a bit of pride for my little son, so grown up that he can go and poo without my help.

My special moment was thoroughly quashed when he came waddling out of the restroom with his pants + underwear around his ankles shouting, "Mama! Check me! Check!"

Happy Birthday, dear son.

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