Thursday, July 28, 2005

Day One in the Wonderful Land of Oz

The fact that we went to Australia from July 12-20 for no apparent reason is likely a source of confusion; at least to those who knew we went and have nothing better to think about (that leaves no one!). In fact, we did have a reason, and he is pictured at left. His name is Isaac James Emery, and he is 22 month old eldest son of my dear friend Rebecca. We first knew hints of him when Rebecca and Michael came to visit us in Chicago nearly three years ago. Koji was still six months from being born, and they said, "we're thinking of trying to have a baby soon". That baby was Zacky, and what a sweet baby, rather,
little boy; baby priveleges in the family have been ceded to three month old Joel Lachlan, at right (his mum...not mom, "mum," this is Australia we're talking about here!...assures me this is his natural hair-do! very stylish!). As you all know, in the subsequent years since their visit to us in the States, we had a combined total of three family members we had yet to introduce to one another! I was on a mission to remedy this sad situation almost from the moment I knew we were coming for this extended stay in Tokyo. It made sense to me to trek to Oz from here (eight hour flight) rather than Chicago (18 hours? more? I don't even know, I've always been afraid to research it, as the 13 hour flight from O'Hare to Narita is Aogu's absolute maximum limit), for reasons of flight length and said flight cost.
Wonderful, shocking husband Aogu actually agreed to my proposal; I admit there was a process involved, but the point here is, he agreed. Furthermore, he wanted to join us for the weekend.
That, my friends, is how Koji and I found ourselves on the 9:35 p.m. Japan Airlines flight 761 to Brisbane on Tuesday night, July 12.
At this rate, giving you the highlights of our trip will take quite some time. Lo, I am not content with mere highlights but am mysteriously compelled to provide a myriad of details--tangents--that impede rather than speed my quest to arrive at the point! I'll get there someday; come along if you dare!


Ricardo said...

Great pics, and I remember both Michael and Rebecca when they were here. Michael does a great impersonation of we speak English here in the US.

Glad to see that you still have the camera =)

Stephanie said...

I can't believe how much older Koji looks! His sojourn in Japan has transformed him from a baby into a boy (or maybe that's just the normal aging process).

Mom said...

Regarding detail, I as the "mum" can stand all you can dish! How delightful to sit down at the computer and have a visit with you any old time I want. . .even if it's a repeat post. . .it doesn't matter. Thanks for this great storyland with you and your friends as the main characters. LOVE it! LOVE YOU!

PS, did Laurie tell you she uploaded some of your Australia pics to costco and we ordered some prints. Not bad. . .some digital spots, but not bad!

Julie Moore said...

Is Koji saying "cheese" by any chance in that photo?

jamie christine said...

Ricardo, yes, thank God I had the camera for the trip and for a peaceful life with my husband!

Stephanie, it might just be the normal aging process but the way K is getting older still surprises us every day. Now if we could get him potty-trained...

Mom, let us know how the prints turned out. I'm wanting to get some done myself so I can send them to Rebecca, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

Julie, of course he's saying CHEESE, you recognize that face, right?!