Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rough Draft-style Start (Airplane in my Side)

10:19 p.m. on a Wednesday night, my not-quite-two-year-old son is poking me in the ribs with a toy while making flying noises and shouting "cokey...cokey!" (his approximation of "hikouki," the Japanese word for airplane, and I'm choosing this moment to set up my very own, very first blog...?!
Why not?
After all, I'm doing quite a lot of things for the first time these days. Like living in a hotel size room with aforementioned son and my husband. Like doing the laundry every single day in a washing machine with the diameter of a tricycle wheel. Like navigating the underside of Tokyo (not as suspicious as it sounds...I mean the subway lines!) while pushing a stroller bursting with a kid who's like as not saying, "walk! WALK!".
Another thing I'm doing, though this is not for the first time, is falling dreadfully behind on my e-mail. So, as recommended by more than one great friend (thanks, Stephen and Jenny!), I want to try this as a way to alleviate the pressure of trying to stay in touch and perpetually not being where I want to with updating those I love.
Hopefully I won't bore you! Maybe I will even surprise or amuse you with tales of the adventures we are embarking on from this Room in Roppongi (those of you who know anything about downtown Tokyo know that this sounds like it should be some kind of bar. Ha ha! Furthest thing from it...).


JenWug said...

Jamie ~ good for you starting a blog despite the threat of constant attack from Koji-planes!!!

I'm typing this now while Calli is trying to hold my hands. LOL.

Great to hear from you - looking forward to hearing about lots of adventures!!

Julie said...

Hey, great idea! So glad to have a way to hear how you are all doing!