Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Premier Designs Jewelry Party: Please Join Us!


You are invited to a Premier Designs Jewelry Party!  Actually, you are invited to THREE (possibly four, one in the works) wonderful accessory parties.  

WHEN: Thursday, February 2nd 9:30 am -- 1 pm (and possibly Sunday, February 5th--let me know if you are interested)
WHERE: here at my house (contact me via FB or tengoku at gmail for my address)
WHAT TO WEAR: my mom (this is her business and livelihood, if you come and purchase, you are supporting a good cause!) will be bringing lots of samples for you to try.  If you wear something simple in a favorite color, it will be easier for you to imagine how different accessories could work in different ways for you.  
  • feel free to bring kids...but please do keep them from breaking the jewelry...
  • we will order your jewelry and hand it to you a week to 10 days after the party
  • if you buy more, you save more: buy 3 and save 30% off your most expensive item, buy 4 and save 40% off your most expensive item, buy 5 and save 50% off your most expensive item!
By the way, the two other parties I mentioned will be at a friends' house in Schaumburg (contact me for her address, see above for my contact info) on Friday, February 3rd 10 am--2 pm and also Saturday, February 4th 10 am--2 pm.  
Hope to see you soon!

日にちと時間: 2月2日木曜日 9:30~1時まで
場所:私の家 (ナイルズの聖マタイ幼稚園から15分)です。
  • 子連れは大丈夫、大歓迎です。
  • 注文制なので、その場でもらえないけど、1週間ー10日後に渡せます.
  • たくさん買う人はお得です!3個買うとその中の一番高い物は30%オフになります。4個買うとその中の一番高い物は40%オフになります。5個買うとその中の一番高い物は50%オフになります!




Jane Lucas said...

Jamie, so excited to do these shows together. We are going to have FUN! =)

allen said...

nice info..