Tuesday, January 03, 2012

One Word for 2012

My name is Jamie Matsuoka, and I'm a heavy blog reader.
Surely more would be going on right here on this blog if I wasn't so busy didnt' waste so much time   didn't invest in reading lots of other blogs.... 

In the midst of all this blog perusing, sometime a year ago or so, I  noticed that some blogs I enjoy very much had something in common: their respective authors were choosing, and/or receiving from God, one word that would represent their year.  Last year I felt like a spectator.  It just didn't occur to me that perhaps I needed a word too.

But this year is, will be, different.  If in no other way than this: I want to hear One Word, and then after that lots of other words around that from Jesus.  I want to be guided by Him in each moment.

Which is why my word is NEAR.

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Jane Lucas said...

Love your word and your heart.