Saturday, July 05, 2008

Second of Two Parades

After a ridiculously short "rest" period at home (which would have been a bit longer if I had remembered the parade start time correctly), we were off to see the Evanston parade (come to find out Evanston's parade is so big time, it has a whole association behind it?!), but most particularly, this float, which was made by our church. If we were more dedicated members, we would have/could have marched along in the parade behind the float, but as you recall, we already did that once today, and once was enough!

The parade was OK, but I have to confess that the fancy ride, aka "pedicab" you see here was probably more of a highlight for the kids, and certainly the reason we were able to sit placidly in one location for as long as we did. Many thanks to Jan, and if you want to buy one, then please leave me a comment and I will connect you with her!

After the parade, we headed home to host a barbeque for housegroup people. It was SUPER fun to be together in our backyard. We played croquet (Becca's mom is a champ!), bocce, basketball, trampoline jumping and another game with three balls and three people that only Ian, Ashley and Ross know how to play. I'm actually extremely disappointed that I don't have a single photograph of the afternoon because just talking about it doesn't do it justice (Ashley, do you have any of the pictures you took with your new camera?).

Hope your Fourth was as free as ours!

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Julie and Captain said...

Hi Jamie!!

I tried to go to the consulate today, and found out I have to schedule an appointment :( Grrr. Anyway, I might try to figure out how to vote... next week.

And yes, any friend is a good one! I'd love a connection. Thanks :) Jenny has my contact details if you need them :) Thanks!!

~ julie