Saturday, July 05, 2008

First of Two Parades

Koji's school, St. Matthew's Lutheran Preschool, has been a great blessing to us, so this year we decided to "pay them back" by marching with his teachers and some of the church members with their float in the Niles Fourth of July parade.
The theme this year was "pirates," but maybe I didn't need to tell you's Koji with Pastor Cordes.
The parade route was pretty long, probably a couple of miles but Koji actually walked most of the way. I was impressed with him at first. Then I realized that a few of the floats in front of us were throwing candy out to spectators and some of the candy was lying on the sides of the street. Koji kept walking because he kept finding more and more candy to stuff in his pockets. Now I know what I have to do if I want him to keep walking when we visit Tokyo in October...
Finally, even the candy lost its allure and he sat down in the truck. He was a trooper though! I'm interested to see if any new students will come to his school in the fall by way of the flyers, T-shirts and other information we handed out?

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