Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Worst Fear Realized

For a couple of weeks now, I had been worried that I somehow wasn't feeling our third baby moving around as much as I had in the weeks previous. But I was still at 18 and 19 weeks so I just told myself that the baby was still small and I couldn't distinguish his/her movements from other internal workings.

This morning I went for a monthly check-up which was to be followed by an ultrasound where we would find out if Baby was a boy or girl. Instead, we found that baby's heart wasn't beating. In fact, it hadn't been since 17 weeks and 5 days, which was approximately two weeks ago and right around the time that I started to worry.

So tonight I will go the hospital for labor and delivery. The thought of going through the process and then coming home without the third child that we've been so anxious to welcome is unbearable.

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Jane said...

My beloved Jamie,
Sharing in in your sorrow. My heart and tears are right there with you. I love you so much. Mom