Sunday, August 05, 2007

Recommendations for the Jaded

So summer TV, or lack thereof, is exceedingly boring and I thought I should pick up some new shows (when actually what I should probably do is stop watching TV altogether...I used to hate to watch TV, what has happened to me?). The Tribune TV critic recommended Damages and Saving Grace. I programmed them into my DVR and then waited.

The other night I finally got around to watching "Damages". I assumed I would like it because the Tribune TV critic seems to like some of the same SciFi channel shows that I do. But when it was over, I went back into my DVR and clicked on "cancel series". The high-powered lawyer (played by Glenn Close) was much too manipulative and calculating and willing to spare no expense--including human life--to get the results she was after. Some may argue that's just how one has to be to make it in the world of litigation and more so if you're a woman, blah blah. I disagree, and so I won't be watching "Damages" any more.

"Saving Grace": well, I was feeling a little wary after the experience described above, and more so as I took in the first scene of the pilot which depicted Grace enthusiastically have sex with a married man. The premise seems to be that Grace, who is a flawed woman but better than competent police officer/detective type, will be saved from herself by an old guy who has wings on his back that can only be seen reflected in the windows of any cars he may happen to be standing next to. OK. Well, I'm all for redemption, I am. In fact, maybe I'm the judgmental one because I don't want to like Grace for her cussin', hard-drinkin', sleepin' around ways. In this case, it just feels like too much information. Sure, I want Grace to have a happy ending, but maybe I just don't really need to know how she's going to get there. CANCEL SERIES.

I'm back to re-runs of What Not to Wear, and I think I like it that way.

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There is always LOST!