Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Note to Self: When Going to the Beach

Dear Self,

When I go to the beach with small children, which I guess I am likely to be doing for the next several years, I must remember to always gather the things I need to take with me, put them in a pile at home, and then remove half of them. After that culling, I will be free to put the remaining, much lighter load in a backpack, and only a backpack. With any other type of bag, how in the world do I think I can get the goods down to the water from the car if I have to schlep at least one child at the same time, self? Am I cuckoo?!

Furthermore, self, tuck a couple of beach balls and/or other water apropos inflatables into a corner of that backpack, would you?

Finally, please take along an extra pair of shoes, even if they're just some random flip-flops. Because, self, I never know just when I might be walking along in those cutesy plastic Birkenstock sandals and the next step I take, suddenly my foot meets sand because the entire top portion of that trusty foot gear that has served me faithfully for over 10 years has suddenly decided to separate itself from its sole. Take it from me, self, if that should happen and I don't have an extra pair of something for my feet, things could get ugly. Like say, I might even have to go into the restroom barefoot. Nasty!

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Laurie said...

I know the beach is fun for kids but so many things can go wrong I have to admit I try to avoid going. I don't like sand all over for several days and/or in diapers ect... Just yesterday I turned down an invitation to go to the beach. Maybe next time I'll venture forth since I have your advice to guide me.