Monday, August 13, 2007

Eeww, 35?!

So I've been on a major hiatus from posting here, perhaps because I'm paralyzed by an event that took place over a month ago. Note to self, and anyone (Mom?) who still opens this blog looking for the increasingly unlikely new post: I'm putting this up on Sept. 17th though the post date says otherwise.

Said event was my Thirty-Fifth Birthday. God's blessed me with a lot of friends who seem convinced that getting older is better, but I guess I missed that boat. I'm just not excited about it.

However, I am excited about the fun that I had at my birthday parties. It must sound oxymoronic of me to say I'm not thrilled about something, oh, but I had two parties to commemorate it anyway. I'm paradoxical like that. Or maybe I just wanted to say "paradoxical".

The first party was a bocce/food/bowling party at Pin stripes in Northbrook. I'm too lazy to link to it here, but I have to say, if you live in the area and are intrigued by the idea of "chic bowling (speaking of oxymoronic...)" then you should google it and go there. It was really fun! Thanks very much to the friends who joined me for the evening--especially Jenny, who organized, and Aogu, who financed all the delicious food--I hope we can do that again soon. Not the getting older part, the part where we went out together and made some fun memories.

So since I'm a little down about turning 35, I'll just admit it here and open myself to criticism or encouragement. Deal it to me as you see fit, I think I can take it. If you are reading this, then I also thank you for not giving up on my blog!!


Anonymous said...

We haven't given up on your blog - we check it daily. And as for turning a year older, well, happy (belated) birthday from the Sunshine State, and 35 isn't so bad. At least you are still in your "mid" thirty's. I am following close behind my Guatemalan friend and looking at 36 - that's approaching "late" thirty's. But I suppose that's not so bad either, right Ricardo?? Just think of it like you do wine - just getting better with age.

Glad you had fun celebrating your birthday.

Brad (and Kath)

clc said...

biblically, older is better. white hair is good and experience and wisdom even better. so welcome all three and keep shopping at forever 21, that will balance it all out!

Laurie said...

Melancholy is just not you dear sister. Get over it and enjoy every day as God gives it to you! And don't worry about getting older. Mom says she doesn't feel like she's 58 and that's all that matters is how you feel. I think you will feel forever young but it was a handy excuse for not blogging for 6 weeks.

Jane said...

I check your blog every week day, my dear daughter. I admit to doing a little jig in my heart when I saw your new post. Are you a Sudoku fan? I am becoming one. It's supposed to help keep the brain young. If one has a young brain, maybe the "number" doesn't matter so much. xox, Mom

Heidi Wengel Lomborg said...

Dear Jamie!

Happy (belated) Birthday! I turned 35 this summer - and it´s not too bad, so just enjoy.....

It´s fun to read what you write, though I´d like more time to read and write ( my 4 girls keep me busy). Right now I´m going to look for your recipe for Eclairs (shoo cream!). My oldest daughter, Silje, and her friend are baking them now as I write.

Love to your family and Gods peace!

in Denmark said...

happy 35th! um, does that mean i'm 35 too? it's hard to keep track... that's about how much i think it matters to me. but i can understand the not being excited about it part -- no shame there. but i think i'm really liking the thirties and will most likely be more wacked out about turning into the forties. well, we'll all have a support group for each other by then...

cc said...

i'm 37! i certainly don't mentally feel 37, but physically, it's starting to be evident....things just aren't as easy as they were 20 years ago.

if it's any consolation, you don't look a day over 25.

clc said...

alright, for posterity i'm going to post my comment to you the other day when we were hanging out....

don't be sad about your age, it's the youngest you'll be the rest of your life.


Emily said...


I still check out your blog. I'm glad you enjoyed your Birthday Bash a Pin Stripes. I've been there a couple time with work and I really like the bocce ball courts.

As to getting older, I like hanging out with you and think you are still young and hip. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Darlin,
I don't think you are old AT ALL. And honestly, any time you feel like it, hang out with Koji for a few minutes and he will bring out the youth in two seconds! If you are old at 35 then I can be old at 24...there are definitely days I feel it!

So excited you can join us on Friday! We love hanging out with you both!

Much love and many blessings to you this week :)

PS...I am really bad at checking blogs, so it is ok that you don't post every two seconds! ;)