Friday, March 09, 2007

America Voted?

Are we sure that just America is voting? Aogu and I have a non-PC theory, but it's the only somewhat plausible explanation for Sanjaya's continued presence on American Idol.... Perhaps Indian IT specialists are hacking in and messing with the votes? Think about it!


Anonymous said...

Actually, my theory is that it is the middle school age girls who are keeping him on the show. I mean, come on, that cute smile, the hair....Eventually, the grown-ups will overwhelm them, but in the early runnings they are guaranteeing another week of being able to doodle his name all over the margins of their papers :-) Cindy

Mom said...

I agree with Cindy though your theory does have some plausibility!

Jess said...

No! It's not the school girls! It's the IT hackers! School girls have more sense!