Monday, October 02, 2006

See Ya, Mitsuwa

Most everyone in the "Chicagoland area" (who makes these names up? when I lived in Southern California I thought that calling the Riverside-San Bernardino area "the Inland Empire" was bizarre...) who likes Japanese food and has ever needed ingredients to make it has heard of Mitsuwa. It's great, if you live in Arlington Heights and don't mind paying twice as much as your items would cost you in Tokyo. I exaggerate slightly.
Anyway, I may never go to Mitsuwa again now that Super H Mart has opened in Niles. Sure, it's technically a Korean store, but some significant number of their products are Japanese. Plus, they have a great produce section and a food court, which serves a delicious (spicy!!) tofu soup from the "KOREAN" section. Bring your own beverage though; they only have canned drinks for sale and they're not cheap.

Annyonghi gaseyo, Mitsuwa.

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1 comment:

hadashi said...

this is very hontou.
why is it that Korean markets are better than Japanese ones in terms of price AND selection?
sadly, the closest Asian market to me is indeed a Mitsuwa. now i just ask Korean friend Phoebe (best-maid-from-wedding) to bring me stuff when we meet to go surfing.