Sunday, October 22, 2006

Long Distance Dedication

Maybe it's an embarrassing reference to my age, or maybe it's just the reason I'm so darn good at "The 80s Game" (the one where Rich puts on 80s songs while we're playing Settlers and we try to name that singer) but I used to like the American Top 40. Particularly the part where Casey Kasem read some cheesy letter explaining why one someone, typically pining for another someone, wanted them to hear such and such song with love, which was also know as a Long Distance Dedication. However, I didn't like it when the dedicatees were pets.

The point is, I'd like to send a Long Distance Dedication to my mom on the occasion of her @#$% th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! Here's the cake we made for you. It's a plum-raspberry upside down cake (without the raspberries this time) from a recipe I found in the September 2001 issue of Martha Stewart Living. I've made this cake several times, but I know for sure this one would have been more delicious if we could have actually given it to you.

May this coming year be as sweet and delicious as this cake, Mom!

Her children arise and call her blessed...Proverbs 31:28


Mom said...

Jamie, Thanks! Wow, I recognized that "it" was a cake when you sent this photo from your cell phone, but, duh, didn't really think it was a birthday cake since I'm much past "one". And Izumi isn't one yet. . .so beings I AM a senior now, I guess it's OK that I didn't really know that this was MY birthday cake!

YUM. I am imagining it with all my might. If we remember, we (you) could make it again in January! I can't wait.

Love and hugs to you all. Especially the one with the trendy name.

clc said...

happy birthday mrs. lucas!

great picture jamie.

and i totally remember casy casem and the long distance dedication. i also loved listening to the casey casem's top 100 of the year on new year's eve. i wasn't staying up to watch dick clark so that was my ritual.