Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day Celebration Part 1

Knowing we're off to the marriage retreat this weekend, we didn't feel obligated to make much of Valentine's Day today. But I couldn't stand to let it go without some kind of commemoration, so I made some white chocolate fondue. You'll know that my efforts were minimal though, when I explain the reason the fondue is in a bowl; that is, I couldn't be bothered taking out the fondue pot for just the two of us!

Wise husband Aogu brought home these lovely flowers, which you see here with the heart shaped cinnamon chip cookies I made the day before Valentine's Day. Speaking of minimal efforts, I didn't want to have to chill and roll out dough, so I made big cookies and cut them into these heart shapes after baking.


Mom said...

Great story so far. . .can't wait for Part II.

xo mom

PS, My, what gorgeous flowers and yummy looking cookies.

erika jane said...

how does one cutout shapes after the baking is done? there is no crumbling factor?