Sunday, February 26, 2006

An Evening Out, In

For the last week, since Aogu's been away on business in Tokyo, many friends have come around me and Koji, helping to distract us and allowing us to spend our time in good company. All of the visits we had were great, but the best was likely tonight.

Jess came by, bringing dinner, salad and dessert. Right there, she's above and beyond, but that wasn't all she did. She also brought over a movie, and it wasn't just any old movie, it was In Her Shoes, which was worth watching! (But perhaps fast forward through the book-reading scene...) We thought it was going to be a "chick flick" but it was much better than that.

Obviously, I'm not a professional movie reviewer since all I can say about it is "it was worth watching," so I'll just stop here and let you watch it for yourself. THANKS, JESS!

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