Sunday, February 02, 2014

Remembering Now

Sunday evening is TV time.  
At 6 pm, Chibi Maruko Chan (CMC) is on.  She's pictured above, on our ultra-modern-TV-with-VCR-attached. If I have dinner ready in time, then I sit and watch with the kids. Watching TV isn't usually a top priority for me.  
But tonight as we were sitting, I was allowed to see the moment from a bird's eye view.  I saw that this simple, almost silly routine we have of laying everything aside so we can laugh together at CMC's antics is special.  We won't have it forever.  Someday we'll say, "remember when we used to do that?"
So I took this photo, for someday.  I'm showing it and telling you in case I need help to remember some day.  

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