Saturday, June 01, 2013

Blast from the Four Months Ago Past

Indecision has been keeping me from action.  
In all kinds of areas, really, but specifically as far as blogging is concerned.  
My family and I have chosen to make a gigantic change in our lives.   Three months have gone by, and I haven't documented the change at all. 
Have you seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?  The book is better than the movie, but I'm asking you about the movie, because I want you to picture vividly that scene where Veruca Salt turns into a blueberry.  
That's me, completely blown up with the pressure of keeping all that's happened in.  
I've been waiting for all the circumstances to stand in a neat row: 
I must have a reliable, in-my-house internet connection, I must start a new blog, I must be in the midst of uninterrupted time, I must report of only shiny happy events.  
Or not.  
So I'm trying this instead.  Same blog.  Internet connection at my friends' house.  Typing frantically while making macaroni and cheese for six kids 10 and under.  Honest-as-I'm-able telling of what's up with us.  
Let's go.  

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