Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anna Shea Chocolates

In 14 days we are moving to Tokyo.
If you feel that is sudden, you are right.
We have been interested in, at points in the last 12 years even yearned for such a time as we might be able to be in Tokyo.
And then, I (switching to the singular voice since I can't speak for Aogu on this) quite recently felt genuinely confident that I was content to live wherever.
Skokie? Sure.
Tokyo? Also fine.
Dhubai? Much more remote and unlikely, but still fine.
How did I reach a point where I was truly at peace with leaving or staying, after years of agonizing? I think the answer is this: I did not "reach" any point at all; rather, God brought me there.
And I am grateful! Since I was truly delivered from the Tokyo-longing, now having it come back around to me feels like a gift, and I am thoroughly confident nothing I did made this happen, but rather God did it all.
Good-bye parties and packing. Some very interesting looking chocolates called Anna Shea. These are some of the things that come with an international move. The later from a good friend; she's so thoughtful and the chocolates look amazing!
Better go pack....

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Amy Timberlake said...

Oh we are going to miss you. But maybe we'll be there trying out the capsule hotels! Love this post too -- about suddenly feeling okay with where you live and the next thing you know, you're moving. Wow. That's so God!