Tuesday, November 06, 2012

That Big Day at the End of October

This year, Halloween--make that HOWLEEN if you are Misaki--fell on a Wednesday. Therefore, all the events that might have been spread over a few days were jammed into one.
  1. We spent the morning at St. Matthew's. I don't want to incriminate any of my friends, so I'll refrain from posting photos. If you think my turkey costume (I borrowed it from a friend) is funny, well, take a look at this.  Yes, one of my friends wore it.  After much mutual admiration all around, and requisite photo shoot, we embarked on the annual scavenger hunt.  See below for a photo of the winning team.  Finally, we went trick or treating round to some stations the teachers had set up on school property with the kids.  
  2. Next stop was Koji's school.  Things were eventful there; while the English teachers were carefully administering the Halloween quiz they had prepared (did you know that candy corn is the best selling Halloween candy? eewww....), suddenly the fire alarm went off!  Apparently one of the smoke machines went haywire...?  Even after waiting for the fire department to come and declare everything safe, the kids still had enough time for making rounds inside the school.  
  3. One of Koji's friends invited us to his birthday party.  Which was kind of a brilliant move on that mom's part; she didn't have to plan any activities 'cause the kids were all out trick or treating most of the time.  She did choose to provide a shrimp tray and some other savories to help us balance our blood sugar, for which I was deeply grateful.  
  4. As our final activity for the day, we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church.  You'll see below that the professional face painter was just that!
  5. The next evening we had our annual housegroup costume party and it was GREAT--thanks to everyone for being good sports, and giving us a lot of laughs!
  6. One task remains undone.  We must sell our candy--at the low, but much better than nothing rate of $1/pound--to the kids' dentist.  And we must do this soon because having chocolate in the house isn't working out well for me....I may outgrow the "one size fits most" turkey costume....

Seventh annual Halloween Party at St. Matthew's

As ever, the school principal prepared a scavenger hunt to challenge us costumed mothers.
This year, my team won!

At Koji's school in the afternoon for our second Halloween bash.  

Stealth ninja dude with his friends

That evening, we went to Cornerstone Church for their annual Pumpkin Patch.
They hired a professional face painter.  

After spending the day as a crocodile and penguin, my girls apparently didn't think to ask for flowers.
Way to buck the trend, ladies!

The next evening, we had a costume party with our church small group.
 I still don't think I should have been allowed to win my own contest (conflict of interest and all that) but somehow I did...

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