Monday, May 28, 2012

Opus Magnum Balloonus

In celebration of the children with birthdays in May, June and July, the mothers of said children and the faithful members of the Event Planning Team had a quick, yet elaborate party last Thursday. I'd like to insert a photo of the party here, but since I was performing, I didn't take any. One thing we did at the party was Balloon Art. I learned to make a flower and gave it to Izumi. Making things out of balloons was more fun than I thought. So yesterday I went to Party City (Koji kept calling it Party Town and I didn't correct him 'cause I thought that was funny) and bought us some balloons and a pump. We went to you tube for instruction and found all that we might ever want to know. Pictured is our most successful creation, Blue Dragon. I know, he looks more like a Blue Diseased Rat with that red thing coming out of his mouth (flame!). But we are proud, so rejoice with us!

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