Saturday, May 26, 2012


Ghost Sign - Durham, NC
photo by jmazzola

Misaki turned three, so as promised, she is now allowed to chew gum.  A couple of days ago, I gave her some.  A few minutes later it wasn't in her mouth any more, so I asked her where it went. 
"I put my gum in my stomach, Mama," was her solemn answer. 

Lately I'm reading Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle.  I'm finding it  very inspiring, yet also a bit bothersome.  It causes me to revisit this niggling question: how is it possible to be an extroverted writer?  As I ponder what it means to be a writer, sitting for hours (alone) to just write, already, seems to be a non-negotiable requirement.  But as a mother of smallish children, personality aside, when exactly would I have hours alone to do anything, even if I wanted them?  
I used to work for a couple who owned a business.  Their family life and their business were both admirable.  As I spent time with them, I got to know their daily rhythm, an integral part of which was early to bed and early to rise.  Sounds corny and cliche, but 20 years later (I'm a slow learner) the concept is starting to appeal to me.  My husband's been out of town for two weeks.  We have a habit of staying up too late, which makes no sense for me, because I have zero energy and often spend the time wishing I was asleep.  Left to my own devices for these two weeks, I've begun going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.  Are you making the connection?  This is a way for me to find hours-or at least "hour"-alone.  I have yet (until this moment) to spend my "extra" morning time writing but I would like to begin.

Instead of saying, "did you know?" for some reason, my kids say "did you notice?".  So instead of correcting them, because I think it's funny and cute, I just let them continue.  And now I find myself saying it too, like this:

Did you notice, in Japan and some other East Asian countries, blood type and personality are believed to be correlated?  Read all about it on Wikipedia.  The short, relevant summary is this: Type A is organized, neat and responsible.  Seems like nearly all of my Japanese friends are Type A.  Type B is random, unpredictable and irresponsible.  I am Type B.  The rational mind, which I don't employ often, agrees with this statement:

" basis exists to assume that personality is anything more than randomly associated with blood type." found here
But in my daily life, I feel as though I have a giant B stamped on me like a Scarlet Letter.  In addition to retiring early and rising at the same pace, I suppose I am declaring my intention to try and unbelieve that B blood=incompetent. 

Perhaps I'll believe better with coffee in me.  Happy Day, all!

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