Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday...and Tuesday

This fuzzy iPhone record of my outfit from yesterday is rather an accomplishment--first, that I shed my "house clothes," and second, in that it occurred to me to snap a photo--considering I've spent the better part of the last two and weeks in the house, hunkered down with Izumi. She had pneumonia, and it was so scary to watch. I am beyond relieved and thankful that she's finally doing better now. So I celebrated by tying this Italian silk scarf (for real, I bought it while we were in Rome in May) around my neck and going to the post office for some 98 cent stamps. My internationally-bound Christmas cards will be late, but you agree, don't you, that I have good reason?

Getting out yesterday really took effort.  Today I was a little more on my game.  Or trying to look that way.  Here I present my current go-to: polka dots.  White on black is my favorite.  In some past life (university), my friends thought my possession of enough orange clothing to present myself in that color head to toe was a little strange.  Now, I'm close to being able to do the same in polka dots.  It sounds like I'm bragging, but is it bragging when you're talking about doing something that no one else particularly wants to do anyway?!  Plus, I don't have polka dot shoes yet...

I'm linking to What I Wore Wednesday for the first time.  Here's hoping it won't be the last!


Laurie said...

yes! and i actually took a picture of an outfit i was wearing - a new skirt i made. i'll email it to you because i'm not brave enough for what i wore Wednesday. but wait it's only Tuesday. love you!

Jane Lucas said...

WOW, LOVE IT!!! Dots are HOT!