Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dear Koji, this is what you ate today

Koji is keeping a food journal right now and I am writing this mostly so that tomorrow morning when he says, "Mama, what did I eat yesterday?," I'll have this record.  At karate, he recently stepped up to blue belt.  His next level is purple, and one requirement for advancement is to keep a food journal for a week and avoid junk food during that period.  We haven't spent much time talking about junk food since I've always told myself that I am feeding the kids home cooked, healthy meals anyway.  The former was true.  The  So he's been constantly querying: "Mama, is this junk food?" "How about this?  Junk or no?" He's funny because he likes fruit, and since I'm always saying sweets are bad but fruit is sweet, he's been a little confused.  Anyway, for Thanksgiving last week, Koji was really looking forward to the privilege of eating dessert.  As seems to ever be true, since then it's been a bit difficult to get back on track.  %^&*$ nefarious habit forming sugar! 
Excuse the outburst, this is what he ate today:
Breakfast: (soaked) oatmeal, (raw) cream, dried cranberries, small piece of Japanese sweet potato, milk
Lunch: more Japanese sweet potato, one pickle sized cucumber, two slices of deli turkey, water
Snack: banana
Dinner: three pieces of pepperoni pizza, one snack sized bag of popcorn, applesauce and water. 

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