Sunday, April 11, 2010


Recently we've had a string of important events, including but not limited to Koji's graduation from St. Matthew's Japanese Preschool, my parents coming to visit, Misaki's dedication, a trip to Galena, Misaki's 1st birthday and Koji's entrance ceremony to Futabakai Japanese Day School

This post is not about those things.

On April 7th, Koji's second to last day of extended spring break, Koji's good buddy N happened to get out of school at noon.  So we picked N up and had a little midday date of lunch and a movie.  The kids had lunch.  I was too cheap to pay $4 something for a hot dog, so I ate the chocolate raisins in my bag, and I ate their popcorn when they weren't looking.

The movie was How to Train Your Dragon (2D version, again, I was too pay extra) and we all loved it!  I hadn't slept well the night before, so I was afraid it would be an expensive nap for me.  But no!  My attention was captivated and held; I recommend this movie, especially to smallish boys and their associates.

Fast forward two days to when, as mentioned above, Koji has his school entrance ceremony.  It was all over before noon, so we had some one on one time since Izumi was still at school and Misaki was in day care.  First, we had lunch at DQ, courtesy of Tom & Andrea (aka Easter Bunnies) who had given the kids some gift cards for Easter.  Thanks!

Next, Koji and I were off on a mission to get him a new bike, an early birthday present actually partially funded by Christmas money that GG gave us.*  We tried Target, but no go, not a good bike selection.  Second attempt was at Wally World, where we not only found a super cool bike but were also sucked in by a display of How to Train Your Dragon (HTTYD) stuff.

So Koji had to have these pajamas.  Let this record show the truth, which is that he advised me to buy some similar dragon pajamas for Izumi.  Foolishly, I declared that she didn't need/want any since they were all boyish colors, and furthermore, she didn't even go the movie with us.

I.WAS.SO.WRONG.  Cut to one of the biggest fits in her almost four year old life, at the moment when she realized that Koji was all decked for dragon duty and she wouldn't be able to join the party.  Oh my.  The only thing that got me out of my temporary status as the devil was my solemn vow that I would return to Wally's and buy them for her the next day. 

That trip would be sufficient punishment for my misdeed.  Wally's on Saturday?!  Ha!  What sane person with any leeway in their schedule would do that?

Sure enough, picking out the pajamas was quick.  But then, there was the line.  It looked short enough.  The longer we stood there, though, the more I realized that the family in front of us, with four small children, was in fact buying an entire new wardrobe for said children.  Breathe deeply.

At LONG last, all of the items were rung up.  Except the two with no bar codes or price tags.  Wait.  Wait. Wait.  Everyone, including the clerk, look around and wonder who is going to supply the missing price tag.  Wait.  Wait.  Phew, someone brought a price for that shirt.  How about those toddler shoes?  Wait.  Wait.  Wonder when/if the clerk is going to move or say anything to anyone.  Wait.  Wait. Wait.  Watch incredulously as the father pulls the exact same pair of shoes in another size out of his cart and asks if the clerk couldn't just scan that tag?  Oh, yes, no problem, that brings your total to $527.43.

So, 350,000 minutes later, the Deadly Nadder pajamas were ours.   

Now, with the above photographic evidence to support me, I can say this:  it was all worthwhile. 
Don't you agree?

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