Tuesday, June 19, 2007


On our first day in LA, we went to visit Sahara-san, a friend from Koji's school who had just moved back in March. Seeing them in person and getting caught up on their new life was fun, although it reminded us that we miss them.

Being with Kai-kun must have been a relief for Koji; it's been more than two weeks now that he's been out of school and away from the friends who understand the ways of Power Ranger style posing. For several days after, Koji asked, "Are we going to Kai-kun's house today?". I'm sorry I had to say no. Maybe next time we won't have such a tight schedule (HA~!).

Next we were off for visit with Erika, who was gracious and accomodating to grant my request that we search for Sarah Jessica Parker's new line of clothes at Steve & Barry's. Not only did she go, she patiently looked at nearly every item in the store with me, helped keep the kids entertained, found an excellent "karate" shirt for Koji, bought some non-plumber style jeans, AND posed for this picture taken by Koji. Wow.

The fun didn't stop there though! Next we were off to Famima, the American version of my favoritest Japanese convenience store, Family Mart, now "conveniently" located in Culver City...?! We procured some onigiri (rice balls), some cracker & frosting sandwich thingies and some Calpis drinks, which we spirited back to Erika's place to share with Thomas. Poor kids, I didn't get them back to the hotel and to bed until 10 (Pacific Time...that means they felt like it was midnight, which it was back in Skokie!).

But it was a dandy first day in LA!

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hadashi said...

that photo Koji took at Steve & Barry's is PURE GENIUS.