Saturday, June 09, 2007

Karaoke Scene, I'm Back!

Did anyone notice that the last time I mentioned "karaoke" here was over two years ago?! This is a truly sad state of affairs because, though you may mock or even laugh hysterically, I really like karaoke (warning: if you actually click on this link, you may end up learning more about karaoke than you ever really wanted to know). A quick sidenote: the reason I like karaoke is that I've mostly experienced it Japanese style, in which one rents a small room outfitted with seating, a karaoke machine and mics so as to "perform" only to/with one's friends. I can't get excited about the American bar-style adaptation, which seems to require inebriation and to result in humiliation.

The point here is that I think I am on the edge of re-entering the world of karaoke! Here's what happened: about a week ago, at a good-bye party for a couple of the moms from Koji's school, I let everyone know that I wanted to follow up dinner with some karaoke. Fortunately, some of the ladies were up for it, though dinner wasn't over until almost 11. We went to Ding Dong Dang in Arlington Heights, which is a Korean place that has a lot of Japanese songs in their karaoke system. All of the ladies were suprised to find that I was a "mic hog," and we (I?!) had such a good time that we didn't leave there until 2:30 a.m.

After that, a few of us cried "encore!" which resulted in a trip to Sankyu in Mount Prospect less than a week later (does anyone reading this remember Sankyu? Ages ago we took a few housegroup friends there and had a great evening of singing and eating Japanese food in the pink room).

It's a good thing that Izumi likes karaoke too (here she is "singing"!) because I foresee more of it in my future. Yoko-san, one of the moms from Koji's school, wants me to form some kind of karaoke club, which would involve karaoke outings once a month for all moms who just need to sing. Check this space in September for news about our first outing!

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