Thursday, May 31, 2007

Breakfast Al Fresco

I must have gone to bed early or something; for sure, I woke up early. That, and a warm summer morning seduced me into thinking that having breakfast outside before getting Koji off to school was a super idea. I guess that kind of wording sounds like a lead-in for a dramatic story about how the morning was a disaster, but it was actually very pleasant. My menu was sliced tomatoes topped with guacamole, cereal, fruit and coffee.
The kids had sausage, fruit, lime jello and milk. Then we had some free, live entertainment, which consisted of Koji running around the yard with this battery-operated bubble-blowing dog. We'll probably never be able to go back to blowing our own bubbles now, that would be way too much effort! Then again, if I'm willing to haul our breakfast and the accoutrements out to the patio (is that what our cracked slab of cement out back is called? sounds too fancy), I suppose I could be persuaded to pucker up and produce some bubbles with an old-fashioned wand. And I'll probably have to the next time we want them, as I've since returned Bubble Dog to its rightful owner, cousin Eli in Oregon.
The point of this post is: if you haven't had breakfast outside lately, you should try it! Let me know how it is!

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Alyssa said...

Boy, what a fancy breakfast,...and all before school! I'm embarrased to tell you what I make (ok, ok, I don't make anything!) :oP