Thursday, August 25, 2011

Izumi's First Day at Sea

Izumi turned five in May, which means that as of today, she's a big kid at her school. She moved from the 3 & 4 year old "Sky Class" up to the 5 & 6 year old "Sea Class". Last year, particularly at the beginning of the year, it was hard for her to separate, but today, she walked right in like she owns the place.

That's what her teacher reported as well: that she literally jumped in as you see above.

She also hand sewed two little bags. They are for catching "kobito," which means "little people". They are tiny dwarf like creatures who supposedly live around her school. I haven't linked to the site, because I don't think they are particularly appealing as pictured in the book. Better to imagine them, catch them and imprison them in a small cloth holder...

So proud of my biggest little girl!

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Susie said...

Love the water picture. she looks so confident and happy! she's got your smile. cutie!