Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Yearly Kick

Oops, I'm already one day late for that yearly kick in the trousers of this blog

*pause to imagine a blog wearing trousers*


Which brings me to discuss, am I the only one who thinks Americans, when referring to split-legged garments worn on the bottom halves of their persons that aren't jeans, should really give up "pants" and switch to "trousers"?  Please?  Anyone?  Perhaps it sounds a tad hoity-toity on its first trip off the tongue, but one can get used to it.  Meanwhile, the word pants is entirely too close to "panties," and it in fact means just that in numerous other languages that aren't American English. 

If you're not following me entirely but you're female and feeling a bit confused, another idea is to just switch to dresses and skirts.  It's working for me. 

No, I am not planning to use this space to blather endlessly about whatever I want for every single day this month.  But then again, even if I do, won't that be better than the lengthy silence that was here before?  I shall tell myself so.  Talk to you (whoever "you" are, if in fact "you" are still out there somewhere) tomorrow. 


Laurie said...

you is me!

Anonymous said...

you, Jamie, are a busy mom of 3, so hats off (NOT pants!) to you for trying to keep a blog regularly. :)

Posh Lady said...