Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seven Years

To celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary, we went to Medieval Times. Huh? you may say, or Why? you may ask, and you may even raise your eyebrows quizzically. Well, I'll just have to raise mine right back and say, Why Not?

After all, that's where Aogu wanted to go, and he's never been there, and he was willing to pony up for the VIP tickets that had us sitting in the front and hauling home two backstage DVDs and two sets of dandy souvenir photos of us and the "king," so again I say, Why Not? I probably sound terribly sarcastic, and if so, I'm sorry. The thing is, it was really fun! The front row gave us the best vantage point to the action; we could even see sparks flying as the knights' swords clashed. The food was simple but delicious, perhaps made a bit more so by the novelty of tearing at a half chicken with one's bare hands, a la Fred Flintstone.

Just in case we didn't have enough fun at the castle, we took advantage of the kids being under grandparental care and went off to the theatre to meet Ironman. It was a great celebration, though we'll always be confused when we look at our souvenir photo, since we went on the 16th of May but Aogu had them inscribe it with our anniversary date, May 20th....

Happy Seventh Anniversary, Baby!


Julie & Captain said...

Congratulations :)

And the seventh anniversary - that's the equine year, right? Wool or copper are just too boring! :)

It really does sound like fun!!

Julie & Captain said...

EEEeeew! Another site said for the seventh, you're supposed to exchange desk sets.

Knights fighting, kings, and Fred Flintstone turkey legs are SOOO much cooler!

Julie & Captain said...

Jamie, you must realize that like a true Buist girl, if it involves ice cream, I love it! Mochi with red beans = yucky. Mochi with ice cream = yummy!