Thursday, February 07, 2008

What Happens in the Basement...

I read in the newspaper that for this week we had eleven minutes of sunshine. What do you think about that? My initial reaction is not for publication on a family-friendly site such as this. My other reaction is to thank God for our basement. We're pretty stir-crazy with it, so I honestly don't know what state we'd be in without it (California? Hawaii?).

Today we had some friends over for a basement playdate. To Kim's extreme surprise, all Chloe and Koji wanted to do was box. We did have to set out a few rules, like no punching head/face and no putting your hands out in front of you and then running full speed to barrel your opponent over. Otherwise, it was full out boxing, match after match, for most of the time they were here. Please remember that Koji weighs probably 10 pounds more than Chloe! But she held her own. Kim was proud of her, for good reason. I have a feeling more boxing matches are on the top of the agenda for future playdates; just look at the picture below and try to tell me I'm wrong!

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Shanel said...

THAT is an awesome picture!