Wednesday, December 03, 2014

WIWW and What I Learned in November

Happy December!
In November, I learned: 

The "illumination" at Toshimaen makes it look different than our summer swimming hole. 

We LOVE to see friends from the US (or anywhere!) here. Sad but true: the urgency of "see them now or don't see them" is what gets us together with people. So thankful for the time we got with these friends who were visiting from Hawaii!

Koji and his classmates can sing! They had an all city fifth grade music recital on November 28th. There were too many kids, so parents weren't allowed to watch the official performance. Fortunately, they let us in on their practice run the day before. The kids and their music teacher had practiced two months for the occasion, and their hard work was apparent!

God is SO good, we have needed a sleep solution (that sounds like a commercial, it's not) for the girls and He gave us these bunk beds! They had been sleeping on futons. There is nothing wrong with futons--except that they are labor intense. I find enough intense coming at me from elsewhere and I have no spare energy for wrestling with futons. Now I don't have to! SO grateful to the friends who handed these down to us, literally hauled the pieces over from their house and reassembled them here. Hooray!

I can still make a mean green bean casserole! Thanksgiving Day was uneventful for us, but we made up for it on the weekend by going to a feast per day. What a wonderful time, and what delicious food. Thank you to our friends, and to God who gave them to us~

On to the clothes, which I will let speak for themselves:

pleated poppy