Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIWW--Japanese Fashion Questions

If you cut your padded trousers (pants) "skinny" and then wear
heels with them, does that make them fashionable?

"Warm Pants Style of Winter"

If your midsection tends to get cold in winter, is wearing the
bottom quarter of a button down shirt as an underlayer the best solution?

Not a skirt, yet not a belt. Clothing in identity crisis. 

If it was your "firsth" anniversary, would you celebrate like this?

Would you wear Converse with a skirt?

Would you let the tops of your feet peek out even though it's cold?

Is wearing a shirt with hundreds of shiny plastic discs
swinging from it a good move for a kindergarten teacher? 

Is this skirt too summery looking? Do I care (really, I'm asking myself)?

Does my neck look cold, because I forgot the scarf I was planning to wear?

Because I've never yet caught her in the act, I want
to know: when does she do this?

pleated poppy

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Jane Lucas said...

Hilariously great questions. And the photo sneaker. . .the best yet! =)