Thursday, November 06, 2014

WIWW, Black Bottomed Edition

Give me two things that are seemingly unrelated, and I will almost surely find a way to connect them. However, it won't take that much effort to see that this past week, I (subconsciously) decided to go with a Black Bottom. With the exception of the photo below, and the photo at the end of the post, every day I wore black or some close variation on the lower half of myself. 
I tell you this as if you mightn't notice (you mightn't) or as if I did it deliberately (I didn't). I tell you this because I do sometimes need to have a Theme, even if it is a decided after the fact theme. 
Please note that my internal voice currently has a British accent, thanks to recent hours spent with Koji binge-listening to Harry Potter on audio book. We're up to The Order of the Phoenix, if anyone wants to know. 
Further, I realize that it is Thursday. I am doing my best. 

Lovely slippers. 199 yen at Ikea, what could I do. No, I don't wear them outside. This was from yesterday, 

and jeans are not the norm for Wednesday, but we were granted a special casual day at work, so. The best bits of my outfits tend to be those that don't show clearly in these photos because they are around my neck and therefore hidden by my iPhone clutching hand. However, here I think you can see my scarf. I'm proud, I got it new with tags at our recent school bazaar. For a fraction of the original price, of course. 

Feeling regretful I didn't crop out the detritus visible to the right here. Oh, didn't notice till I mentioned it? Why do I open my big mouth?! Anyway, as mentioned above, the best bit of this outfit is again around my neck. This time it's a Nozomi Project necklace. Really happy to have this, I've prayed for and rooted for this project for some time now. If you've never heard of it: 
"Nozomi, which means 'hope' in Japanese, is a social enterprise bringing sustainable income, community, dignity and hope to the women in Ishinomaki, Japan and the surrounding region by training women to craft unique jewelry products." 
Finally, at the recent school bazaar, Nozomi Project representatives opened a booth and I was able to purchase this. I love it! Nozomi ships internationally, all the pieces are amazing, beautiful, and meaningful and would make great Christmas gifts! (Nozomi Project is not paying me to say this)


With school bazaar shirt and Premier Designs necklace. Full disclosure: my mom is a Premier Designs jeweler! But again, she is not paying me to say that PD is a great company with beautiful jewelry (thought it is). However, you can only get PD jewelry in the US, so if you are here in Japan then please buy Nozomi Project. Weird. I had no intention of talking about jewelry so much. 

Blurry photo for a day when I felt blurry. I woke up congested and sneezing but put my clothes on and went to Observation Day at the kids' school. However, I confess I ended up wishing I hadn't dressed this way. I had several people inform me "Halloween was yesterday" and even though I'm supposed to be an adult, after awhile I felt sort of annoyed. PS. Not that you can see it much but I made this shirt. With a sewing machine. 

Don't you appreciate this clear photo of my hand and my green arm? I know I do. 

And I know I will never be able to completely escape from sarcasm. Forgive me, please. 

This outfit also got me a lot of comments, I guess in a country where most of the population wear black and grey and sometimes brown or khaki most of the time, I was a little bit easy to see. Just trying to spiff up for parent-student-teacher conferences, you know? Do you think we should name our conferences PeST for short? I'm not saying that because I didn't enjoy them, it was wonderful to meet my students' parents. It's just that I do love a good acronym. 

Bonus photo! She did this when I wasn't looking!

pleated poppy

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Susie said...

I must say, you are looking quite trim these days, Miss Jamie! Looking so good & so happy.