Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday), Getting Chilly Edition

Right in the door from work, focus on those beautiful backpack straps!
This shirt is from Uniqlo and dress is from GU. I should probably branch out
from these two stores but my budget won't let me?!

Cheetah skirt and Japanese print shirt go together. Promise. 
Seing as it's mid-October, thought I'd bust out a sweater. Then I stepped outside
and realized the day would likely heat up, so tried to balance with sandals.
Go ahead and copy!

Today I was extra narcissistic (spelled that right on the first time, whoa)
and took three photos. Here's what I was actually wearing, but since this sleeveless
shirt and cardigan are both very thin knits, I had to.....

Add this jacket to try and keep warm. It helped somewhat but giving up
the peep-top socks probably would have done more?

Finally, because I'm in this for amusement more than elegance etc.
here I reveal my stunning rainy day look.
Wide load looking, but effective when one cannot (will not)
bicycle and hold an umbrella at the same time.

How is your week going? Any stories to tell, fashion-related or otherwise?
pleated poppy

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Jane Lucas said...

All very well documented and commented on. . . Including the spelling of narcissistic! You are too cute. LOVE!