Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WIWW (What I Wore Wednesday)

I understand the point of What I Wore Wednesday, it's to demonstrate that one has dressed properly and not just sat around in yoga pants. Well, I actually have the opposite problem: when can I please wear yoga pants?!! (and for that matter, when can I do some yoga?!) So I present this photo of my sketchy track pants with denim shirt, because on this day I was subbing for elementary PE. I HAD to dress this way!

Yes, I am looking at God
(excuse me if that sounds irreverent, I don't mean it that way!). 

I present two shirts from GU (you'll recall this analogy: GU is to Uniqlo as Old Navy is to Gap).
One is a cardigan covered with lemons.
The other is a tank top with a white logo on the front.
But I didn't want the logo or the too-low-for-kindy (don't imagine anything scandalous,
nearly any shirt can be too low for kindy with all that bending to help tiny people) front showing.
Solved all those problems by wearing it backwards, but only after picking the tag off with a seam ripper. 

Proof it's truly getting chillier in these parts: I'm wearing trousers.
Let me call them that because I've now got enough British friends to know
that pants are on the inside of clothes. Or at least, they should be. 

Nice shoes. And elephant socks. Always keeping it classy.

pleated poppy


Jane Lucas said...

Very fun and CUTE. Love you and your fashion!!

Wendy said...

At this point I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at how many clothes you have! And you fit this all into a tiny apartment's closet/wardrobe (or whatever you call it)?

Secondly, I'm trying to get into a new fashion item for me: leggings. My thought is that you should only wear leggings with sneakers/joggers, but that doesn't work when you want to dress them up a little. What do you wear them with? (See, now you're a fashion consultant!)

Laurie said...

I especially love the lemon sweater outfit! You are cute :)