Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WIWW: Black and White and Blue All Over

Patting myself on the back (awkwardly, because who can really do that?) for taking seven photos this week. I didn't do many other things I probably should have but I did this. It always feels good to jump over a low bar I've set for myself. 
On to the outfits!
Wait, first, to my friend who commented last Wednesday that I have a lot of clothes:
Maybe. But what I have now is SO MUCH LESS than I used to have in the U.S., when I had a much bigger house and much more access to recycle shops and sizes that fit. 
What I have now is probably 25% of what I had back in the day (also known as "18 months ago"). 
And I'm working on deep thankfulness. I understand I don't need even this amount and that it is more than most people in the world have. 
However, the truth is that I also feel regretful. I still remember a lot of the clothes I left behind. They were "just clothes," but they meant something to me and I wish I had kept them and brought them here. 
Recently I was talking with an American friend about how traumatized I was by closing up my former life in just a month, before moving here. She said, it's a good idea to bring along things that make you feel at home. 
I brought some things that give me a home feeling but if I could do those four weeks over, I think I would make different choices. 
Well. Clothes are a bit of a fun diversion for me, so I am truly thankful that I still have plenty for staying entertained!
Note to self: "need" some black and white striped socks,
so next time I can really overkill it

Casual Friday at work, in which 82.5 of 84 people on staff wear jeans,
is tricky for me. Jeans are not my favorite. But last Friday I decided to go with the flow.
Bought this hoodie, that is covered in a jaguar print, at CAJ Thrift Shop last spring; then it was too hot so I put it away. In other words, though I've owned this hoodie for months,
last Friday was the first time it saw the light of day. the park....I think it was the Fourth of July...
Am I the only one who matches the words in my head to random songs from the 80s?
Like, I can't even think the word Saturday without "playing" this song in my head. 
The inside of my head is noisy. 

Sunday.....Bloody Sunday....
No, there was no actual blood. 
Just (over)sharing my thought process again. 

Monday. Too bad you can't see my inspiring Tshirt, which reads:

Yesterday I tried to vary from my uniform by wearing a button up shirt.
But it was too cold so I put a sweater over it, which made my outfit look the same as
every other day. Oh well, this is how I like to look, embrace it, I say!
Attacked by jungle cats with fuschia accents
pleated poppy


Jane Lucas said...

OK, I like it all. . . So so CUTE! . My favs are the fuschia and animal print. . . The variation of your uniform day. And if course the commentary for Saturday. . . In the park. :-) XO. Thanks for sharing!!!

L Case said...

please don't stop. one day i might wake up and put something on besides a pair of jeans.