Thursday, July 26, 2012

WIWWhen I Wasn't Playing Tennis

The high empire waist of this dress means it can look maternityish.
 I tried to reign it in with this cardigan, which made me entirely too sweaty. 

Unflattering, but necessary: capris

Handsewn by me shirt.  Too bad you can't really see it.
 No, I haven't switched to wearing exercise shoes all the time, though I've been thinking about it.
I was just getting ready to go out for a walk and I was too lazy to change my footwear?  I think?  

Another handsewn by me shirt.  Not the most figure defining silhouette but just the breeziness for a sweltering day.  Which is what we've been having lately.  And which I still prefer to winter!

Dear H and M, thanks for letting me borrow your mirror.
And thanks for selling sunglasses for 5.80 so that I don't feel guilty if   when I lost them.
Note, these are not lost.  Yet. 

I'm not clever enough to flip this photo so you can read my shirt,
but I'm sure you're clever enough to see that it says Pray.  Good idea.  

Handsewn by someone shirt.  Dabbling in seamstressishness (I also dabble in word invention) like I do,
I am partial to hand made creations when I find them in thrift stores.

pleated poppy

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L Case said...

I really like the shirt in the last picture. wish I would stop sewing for other people and make something for myself!