Friday, June 15, 2012

What I Wore on Whatever Day It Is

Hello everyone.  And by everyone, I mean my sister and my mother.  Summer is befuddling my already handicapped sense of time.  A friend and her family are moving back to Japan next week; I asked her today when they are leaving and she said, "the 21st".  I had no sense of when that might be in relation to now.  Even a normal comment like, "wow, that's in a week from now!" (I just looked at the calendar) was too much for me so I just nodded feebly and said, "wow, you must be busy".  Good one, right?  

On to the outfits, and I can't believe I actually have any.  Remember, the point of "What I Wore" is for moms to be accountable to one another as far as making an effort in the appearance department.  Making an effort is different for everyone in different ways.  For example, putting together outfits like you see here isn't too difficult for me, because I think it's fun.  But if and when I require more than one outfit in a day, oh my,  what an insurmountable challenge!  Specifically, I'm discovering the days I have tennis are days I end up staying in my (stale? sweaty?) gear for the duration.  I'm sure those around would appreciate me more if I would change, but I haven't mastered the prep work yet.  If and when I do, I will keep you posted.  

Meanwhile, if you are still reading this blather, well, the above outfit is what I wore last Friday the 8th.  Note my flip flop style sandals.  I do NOT like this type of sandal at all, but this one is by Vera Wang for Kohl's, patent leathery looking plastic and has a bit of a wedge.  Oh, and it's orange.  Until I find a more suitable pair of orange sandals (which seems like it won't be easy), guess I'm stuck with these.  

Sunday the 10th.  Things to note here: first, yes, these are the same *hated* sandals as yesterday, only in purple.  I am stuck with them for all the reasons listed above.  Seond, I made this shirt.  Sometime long ago when I ever used to get a moment with my sewing machine.  

Monday the 11th.

Tuesday the 12th: in an unconscious and unplanned echo of my previous post, here I am in my yukata.  A friend arranged for a group of us to learn how to put on yukata by ourselves (it's not terribly difficult but a little fussy alone, practice is helpful) so here's the result.  This was made for me by my host mother when I was sixteen and going to school at Hokuriku Gakuin Girls High School (no longer just a girls high school!  didn't know 'til I searched for this link!) in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan.  The obi (belt) is hard to tie properly but with the teachers' help, I kind of sort of did it.  Good enough! 

Hope all's well with you?!

pleated poppy

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