Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water Day (WIWW)

In Japanese, Wednesday is called "water day." I don't know why and I'm too lazy to go research it now (anyone? anyone?) but it was appropriate for today's high of 88 and consequent necessary trip to the pool with my girls.
To which I did NOT wear the below.  What you see below is what I wore over the last two weeks in an utterly disarranged melange.  You'll note I don't have one for each day; I am sticking with tennis wear for most of the day at least once or twice a week, and I am just fine with that~

For your useless information file, the days of the week in Japanese are as follows:

Nichiyobi (Sun Day)
Getsuyobi (Moon Day)
Kayobi (Fire Day)
Suiyobi (Water Day)
Mokuyobi (Tree Day)
Kinyobi (Gold/Money Day)
Doyobi (Earth Day)

How have you been lately?  What is my "best" outfit below, in your opinion?  What's your favorite way to dress during the summer?

PS. I understand these wide legged Indian style trousers are likely not my most flattering look.  But the air circulation was infinitely better than jeans!

pleated poppy


Posh Lady said...

I love the polka dots outfit and the stripes outfit. And...I don't care what anyone says, I love the hammer pants on you - go girl!!

Laurie said...

My fave is the navy and red and that K sneaked his way into 2 photos!