Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Blur Before My Eyes is My Week Going Past

Last Wednesday the 25th, it was raining.  Hence, the umbrella.  Don't worry, this is my daughter's umbrella.  When I use one, which isn't often since I'm still an Oregonian at heart, I choose one with more coverage.  I know you were worried.  On to the clothing: I was rather proud this day because I effected the look of a dress with a polka dot shirt and skirt (both from thrift stores).  Alas, my sweater--uniqlo--and bad photo--old iPhone--prevent me from demonstrating the effect properly here.  Red tights are from Target and my so-overly-worn-they-are-starting-to-hurt black shoes are from Kohl's. 

Last Thursday the 26th was Koji's class observation followed by a parents' meeting with his teacher, so I tried to level up by wearing this suit dress thingy.  Which I bought at a thrift store (I can't remember which one) for $4.99.  I tried to make it my style by also sporting new to me shoes and skirt, which were also procured thriftily.  Orange tights are from Topshop, and "sport" is a joke, since I snapped this in the locker room before changing and dashing off to tennis.  

Can you tell I wanted to make things more interesting this week by branching out from my oval mirror?  Though I have to ask myself if the front of a huge pile of underwear at Costco is really better scenery.  Here's a stripey second hand shirt I bought used--I liked the idea of wearing it with polka dots, but the dotty shirt I put underneath didn't show enough to make the interesting effect I was hoping for.  Ancient Old Navy cords and sneakers from Payless finish things off.  

Saturday the 28th I had another chorus performance, so here's another version of black on top and jeans.  Yes, if you peer closely enough you will find that these leggings are "denim".  I got them quite some time ago at Kohl's and they have been very useful.  This dress is from a thrift store, and it's a bit too big but I'm reluctant to give it up because I love the zippers.  My miles-of-shoelaces boots are from somewhere online and I'm much too lazy to link.  Must note: this day we also had a birthday party for Koji and I made it successful by buying all the food at Costco.  That's right, I didn't even make a cake.  I still feel a bit remorseful, but Koji wanted cheesecake which I don't find particularly interesting to make.  Hence, the outsourcing.  Maybe next year, or I should say next week since Izumi's birthday is rapidly approaching, my cake-making mojo (hate that word but it's so useful sometimes) will return.  

Sunday the 29th, hoping summer is coming and tights are moribund, I present these unique leg coverings.  I didn't make them (I find the idea interesting, but not nearly enough to buy two pairs of tights, cut them up and sew them back together), I bought them from a famous store online.  I'm not going to link because they don't seem to be available, it doesn't make me money, and I don't really approve of their photography.  The rest of my outfit, head to toe, is from thrift stores.  

Monday the 30th was warmer and I was tired of tights anyway, so I went back to my tried and true combination of bike shorts (which of course you can't see but give me the feeling I can wear a skirt and still bend and move as a mama of young kids needs to) and socks.  My black polka socks and tank, which isn't pictured well but is there, are from uniqlo and are meant for pattern mixing.  Skirt is ancient from Wally World (my dad's name for wal*mart) and sweater is also well-used and loved from....?  My only thrifted item this day was the shoes.

Tuesday May 1st was my third day out of seven capturing my outfit in a mirror outside of home.  What I want to note about this ensemble isn't actually about the clothes at all, rather my hair.  Dear Self, you are too old for a top-of-head ponytail.  It gives you a serious headache, so even when you are tempted, next time don't do it.  'Scuse me for that self-talking interlude.  The picture's too dark but trust me, these uniqlo leggings have an interesting purple and black pattern on them.  My purple long sleeved shirt and skirt are from thrift stores (must abbreviate next week), shoes are from Target and Tshirt is courtesy of my sister or my mom.  

People, there you go.  It's been that sort of week, the sort where I am even more B and B (makes "busy" and "behind" sound desirable, no?) than usual, which is why I give you what I wore wednesday on Thursday morning.  Happy day, all!

pleated poppy


Joyce said...

Totally fun stuff, Jamie!

Laurie said...

Nice! I can honestly say I like it all this week and my favorite is the suit dress thingy with the splash of color peaking out at the hem!!!