Thursday, April 19, 2012

To Do: Clean the Mirror

Ugh. This post is not as much a recap of my outfits over the past week as an embarrassing, public, and smudgy multiplied by seven times reminder: I really need to clean the mirror. I won't lie and tell you I'm going to do it now. There's a slightly better chance I'll do it tomorrow. Keep you posted. Ha ha! Get it?! This is a blog, that's pretty much all I do here is "keep you posted"...on whatever. Wow. Not going to lie about another thing, and this is also embarrassing, but for some reason I've gone into confession mode and I can't stop. Well, it's this: can't stop eating carbs! It's like some kind of bizarro, useless and even slightly masochistic rebellion against what I know is true. What I know is true goes like this, per the way I tell it to my kids, "sugar is bad for your stomach". In this case, bad=turns stomach into paunch. Which is actually related. This past week, I was (as usual, or maybe a little more so) here, there and everywhere. In other words, not at home. Not an ideal location for sticking with one's food convictions. So partly out of frustration and stress, and partly out of the sheer boredom and weariness of being in the car excessively, lately (at least, more so than before) I've developed the unwise habit of eating in the car. I was telling a friend, maybe I should name my van the Pavlov Mobile, or something. Seems like every time I get in the car, my kids and even I feel very triggered. As in, if we are in the car, it must be time to eat. Got to stop that behavior, it only relieves stress for a moment. However, stress that can be relieved is better than suffering On to the clothes, I'm falling asleep!
Last Thursday, with no shoes because I couldn't decide which to wear and I kept going out, coming in and then changing my shoes every time.  So I figured, better to just not show any so I'm not cheating.  Scarf is new, from the Laura Ashley Uniqlo colleection, freshly and personally imported from Japan.  Dotted sweater from Target, and sweater from a TS (thrift shop). 

On Friday I was still grumpy so I proved it by wearing all brown and all stuff from TS.  Except for my fancy leopard print clogs, which are from Kohl's.

All dressed up with nothing to do but drag the kids to Costco.  Dress and scarf are from a TS, sweater is ancient and from Kohl's, as are the shoes.  Socks from Target....

On Sunday, in an effort to raise my own lack of enthusiam for the week, I wore the above. Shoes and dress from TS, leggings and sweater from Kohl's. aannndd....please make up your own captions for the below, I must go to bed immediately!!  Good night!

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Which of my outfits is your favorite? 

pleated poppy


Amy Timberlake said...

Mine is #3! Love red argyle socks and striped scarf with the dark gray sweater coat and striped dress. Love your clothes Jamie!

ejudd said...

Sunday's outfit was my fave :)
Hugs to you Jamie!