Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show Time

Good morning everyone!  Here's what I wore!

Last Thursday I played tennis.  For an hour and 45 minutes, and no, I am not used to that, and yes, I was totally exhausted afterwards.  But it was fun!

Friday was Koji's birthday so I didn't get around to taking this photo till late that night.  I would have dressed more festively, but I also had a choir performance that day (which I ended up missing because I double booked myself...).  Black + Jeans is our choir "uniform".

Saturday.  I busted out this new shirtish sweatery top with sequins and it was well received by my friends at the baby shower I attended.  It was not well received by Misaki, who claimed that the sequins were too scratchy when I picked her up.  So I switched her to piggy back. 

Sunday, new to me silk dress.  It said dry clean and I washed it anyway so it was pretty wrinkly but I still like it and I think it works.  This may be my favorite outfit for the week?

Monday--I should have taken a close up, or you can zoom in on this photo and see for yourself, this sweater has my name on it!  Thanks, Forever 21!  And please note my sparkley socks, which were 50 cents at Unique~

Yesterday at choir practice, the friend next to me said, "Oh, autumn colors for today?".  I guess so...I was pretty happy to have any sort of ensemble that wasn't pajamas since I gave myself all of nine minutes to get ready for the day.  My socks and clogs are not working as well as a couple weeks ago when Gina mentioned me on her blog but I was going to go out sockless and couldn't do it!  My ankles were cold!

Which outfit is your favorite?

pleated poppy


Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

i love all the prints, especially the paisley!

Anonymous said...

At least my baited breath is gone..been holding it all week. Cool! A sweater with your name on it!! Dad